DataPath Systems History

 DataPath Systems is a full service market research company.  It is the only full service market research company in the Yukon.  Donna and Mike Larsen founded the company in May of 1998.  While Mike is a long time resident of the Yukon, Donna has relocated from the U.S. and then Calgary before arriving in the Yukon in 1997.  The philosophy of the business is to produce top quality market research information by using the state of the art in technology and training.  All forms of technology, such as CATI, email and the Internet are used whenever appropriate, as well as traditional data collection methods such as face-to-face interviewing, telephone interviews, internet surveys or via conventional mail.

 Donna Larsen started DataPath Systems based on 14 years of experience in the market research field. DataPath Systems quickly expanded to include a field centre (CATI) operation located in Marsh Lake Yukon. 

 DataPath Systems is capable of handling all levels of market research needs, from data collection to data analysis, segmentation, planning and application of the information.

 Over the past several years, DataPath Systems has completed numerous research projects concentrating in advertising tracking and conversion studies.  By incorporating random telephone, re-contact telephone, and re-contact email/web methodologies in projects, sample sizes have been increased allowing for greater data analysis.  In addition, incorporating segmentation and predictive analysis in the research projects has increased the relevance and action ability of the data.

 Major Projects

Quantitative Studies (selected projects)

On-going Quarterly Poll of Yukoners (2000 – to date)
Yukon Protective Services – Emergency Medical Services  (2010 – to date)– Patient Audit online system
Data Analysis for Arctic Borderlands Wildlife Tracking (2010 – to date)
Roswell New Mexico International UFO Museum and Research Center (2008 to date)
Parks Canada Bear Creek Feasibility Study (2016)
Recreation and Parks Association Yukon Activity and Attitude Study (2016)
Southern Lakes Resort Road Improvements (2016)
Discovery Channel Gold Rush TV show visitor impact (2015) YG Economic Development/Research NW
Yukon Mining Industry Gap Analysis (2015) - YG Economic Development
Recreation Site Usage reports (2105) – City of Calgary/zinc research
YITIS Survey of Yukon IT businesses (2015)- YITITS
Ruidoso New Mexico Conversion Study (2014)
Cultural Industries Workers and Business Study (2014) – Yukon Economic Development
Yukon Visitor Tracking Program Exit Study (2012/13) - Yukon Tourism & Culture
Yukon Chamber of Mines Attitude Study (2014) – Yukon Chamber of Mines
Northern Food services (2014) – Health Canada
Northern Electrical usage (2014) – HydroQuebec
Design/white paper on alternative/innovative Visitor Study Models (2011)  Yukon Tourism & Culture
EQ segmentation transition report (2012) Yukon Tourism & Culture
Numerous opinion surveys for YTG (2000 – 2014) (Policy, Mining, Lands Branch, Economic Development, Government Services, Environment, Tourism, WCHSB)
On-going tracking of Eastern Canadian travel to New England (2013-2014)
UAL labour market study for First Nation trades (2009)
Nunavut Tourism Conversion Study and Inquirer System (2008, 2009, 2010)
Yukon Tourism Advertising Conversion study (2001-2014)
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Association (CPAWS) (2009 - 2012)
New Hampshire Ad tracking Study (2012-2013)
Yukon Mine Training Association (2009)
Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY), (2008,  2009)
Various Education/Teacher Studies – for Yukon, and NWT (2007, 2008)
Environment Yukon Climate Change Attitudes (2007, 2008, 2009)
Hydro-Quebec Nunavik Household Study (2008)
Canada Winter Games economic impact (2007)
Numerous custom studies for Northwestel (1999, 2004 – 2008)
Numerous studies for Parks Canada (2005 – 2008)
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Voices of the North (2006-7)
Nunavut Tourism Exit Study (2006 and 2008) 
Alaska Visitor Exit Study (2006) 
State of California Canada market study (2007)
CBC Yukon Election Poll – (Oct 2006)
Yukon Public Service Commission (2006)
NWT Tourism Branding Study 2006 –(partner with Outcrop NWT) 
NWT Tourism Infrastructure Study 2006 (partner with Western Management Consultants)
Tourism Destination Planning Simulation Model (in progress)
Yukon Tourism Branding Project 2005
Advertising Conversion for Santa Fe New Mexico, 2004 and State of New Mexico (2004\5)
Klondike Trail product inventory (partner to Western Management Consultants) for Edmonton Airport.
Whitehorse General Hospital Employee Study (2000, 2002, 2004, 2005)
Created IMPACT – a syndicated study monitoring the impacts on travel after 9/11 (clients included Air Canada, Disney Canada, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, plus others)
Segmentation Study for Parks Canada’s G-8 Summit Legacy Study, 2004




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