Relevant Northern Experience for DataPath Systems

The North Poll (2018 – to date) Including residents of Alaska, the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut, this omni-bus study launched in the Spring of 2018.  As it grows, organizations will be able to add survey questions to, and residents be provided unbiased, representation findings on Northern opinions
On-going Quarterly Poll of Yukoners (2000 – to date) For over 18 years, DataPath Systems has been the premier market research company in the Yukon.  Our DataPath panel includes nearly 1 in every 3 Yukon households.  Organizations have utilized the poll for a wide range of interests.
Yukon Protective Services – Emergency Medical Services (2010 – to date)– Patient Audit online system This database systems allowed Yukon Protective Services to track specific responses, patient needs, protocols and follow-up review.
Data Analysis for Arctic Borderlands Wildlife Tracking (2010 – to date) This on-going survey of northern residents takes place in 12 communities via in-person interviews.  Data analysis and reporting provides current and reliable information on wildlife, fish, birds, berries, and weather.
Yukon Chamber of Mines (2014, 2017) This study surveyed Yukon residents on their attitudes and perceptions of mining, and Chamber advertising and messaging.
Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY), (2008, 2009, 2017) Completed three times, this survey was a large sampling, online, in-person and telephone, of Yukon residents.  It monitors both adult and child recreation levels, interests and attitudes.
Parks Canada Bear Creek Feasibility Study (2016) In an effort to reopen the Bear Creek National Historic Site, DataPath Systems interviewed event attendees and residents to gather information on support to re-open, interest in visiting and economic value.
Discovery Channel Gold Rush TV show visitor impact (2015) YG Economic Development/Research NW This study surveyed visitors to the Yukon to estimate the impact of the Gold Rush TV show on their visit, length of stay and spending.
Yukon Mining Industry Gap Analysis (2015) - YG Economic Development This project helped to understand the labour and training needs in the Territory
YITIS Survey of Yukon IT businesses (2015)-  This membership study looked as ways to improve YITIS services.
Cultural Industries Workers and Business Study (2014) – Yukon Economic Development This project with Research NW reviewed the labour market for Cultural industries, barriers and opportunities.
Yukon Visitor Tracking Program Exit Study (2012/13) - Yukon Tourism & Culture The largest visitor tracking study ever run in the Yukon, this study included in-person intercepts at 16 locations across the Yukon, for 12 months.  It also integrated online follow-up surveys and created a simulator model to estimate visitor volumes going forward.
Northern Food services (2014) – Health Canada This project included surveys across the Territories on food safety, issues, concerns and pricing.
Northern Electrical Usage (2008 and 2014) – HydroQuebec Conducted in-person in Nunivik, this project studies electrical use and other home services.
Design/white paper on alternative/innovative Visitor Study Models (2011) EQ segmentation transition report (2012)   Yukon Tourism & Culture These studies worked to merged the previous visitor segmentation model with the new national Canadian model, so that industry members could easily transfer their marketing to the new system.
Nunavut Tourism Conversion Study and Inquirer System (2008, 2009, 2010) This project surveyed inquirers to Nunavut Tourism and created a system of the industry to acquire contact information for those potential visitors.
Nunavut Tourism Exit Study (2006 and 2008) Completed twice, this survey worked with the airlines to collect visitor surveys in-flight.  A complex weighting system was developed to estimate visitor volumes.
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Association (CPAWS) (2009 - 2012) This data was critical in the development of responses to the Peel Watershed debate – ensuring it followed with the unbiased opinions of Yukoners.
Various Education/Teacher Studies – for Yukon, and NWT (2007, 2008) To monitor teachers needs and interests in the development of new online tracking tools and innovations.
Environment Yukon Climate Change Attitudes (2007, 2008, 2009) This project monitored Yukoners attitudes toward climate change, direction for government policy as well as personal behaviour modifications.
Canada Winter Games economic impact (2007) This in-person intercept at the event provided data for Research NW’s economic impact model.
Numerous custom studies for Northwestel (1999, 2004 – 2008) Confidential information for Northwestel

Alaska Tourism Exit Study – 2006/07.  As a sub-contractor to the McDowell group, DataPath is responsible for the data collection at all the highway exit points between Alaska and the Yukon (4 sites).  Data is collected monthly for 12 months.  DataPath was also involved in the initial questionnaire design for the project.


Indian and Northern Affairs – Voices of the North 2006  This project involved both telephone and intercepts surveys across two different survey periods.  The intercepts were conducted in 26 northern communities with a high ratio of residents without telephones.  It was a partnership of nine Federal government departments.  Follow-up research included an online survey, mail out survey and phone-in 800# service.


Yukon Tourism Advertising Conversion Studies – 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.  Over 4000 surveys were completed in each study with respondents who had made an inquiry for a Yukon Vacation Guide during the previous year.  Those studies included travel conversion, trip profiles and ROI analysis. 


Northwest Territory’s Tourism Branding Study – 2006.  Done in partnership with Outcrop NWT the research included surveys with residents, business owners, potential visitors, past visitors (in the U.S., Canada and Germany).  This research helped to form the new NWT branding strategy.


Northwest Territory’s Tourism Infrastructure Plan – 2006.  As a sub-contractor to Western Management Consultants, this study interviewed tourism operators, residents, and community leaders across the NWT.


Northwest Territory’s Highway monitoring – 2006.  This survey involved observational research, to monitor drivers in Hay River and their use of seat belts (in partnership with Syonate Research)


Northwest Territory’s DFO study – 2005.  The study surveyed fisherman using the Ingraham Trail Lakes system.


Yukon Tourism Branding Study – 2005.  In partnership with Cameron Strategies and Zero Gravity, DataPath surveyed residents and interested visitors to the Yukon to help create the new Yukon Larger Than Life brand.  In 2006, DataPath also conducted a print ad test of the brand among interested visitors.


1999 – to date:  DataPath Quarterly Poll.  Every 3 months DataPath System contacts 300 Yukoners (by phone and online panel), to survey them on current local events, political issues and as an omni-bus survey instrument.


2001 Yukon Vacation Guide Focus Groups.  DataPath Systems worked with Cameron Strategies to conduct four focus groups (Vancouver and San Francisco) to review the Vacation Guide format and appeal.  DataPath recruited the groups, and supported the moderators guide and final report/recommendations.


2001/2 Yukon Tourism Business Forecast studies.  Two waves of research were conducted following the events of September 11 to determine the impact of the event on tourism in the Yukon.  This business-to-business study included one wave in early November 2001 and a follow-up wave in February 2002.


Outbound Canada – 1999 – 2001. Done in partnership with the Conference Board of Canada, this quarterly study tracked Canadians travel and interest in U.S. destinations.


1999 WTAY segmentation study.  The largest segmentation study completed for the Yukon since the 1992 Tourism Yukon study, this study showed the segmentation of adventure and wilderness travellers as well as updated the segments from the 1992 study.


1997 Canadian North focus groups.  Conducted when Donna Larsen was with Angus Reid Group, Donna was the project manager and focus group moderator for two waves of focus group in both Yellowknife  and Iqaluit.  The study focused on improving service between gateway cities and northern communities.


Since 1998, DataPath has also conducted numerous studies on behalf of the Yukon Government, including studies for the Department of Motor Vehicles, Public Service Commission, Housing, and Justice.




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