Yukoners strongly support Kyoto – IF they ever heard of it.


Shortly after the Western Premiers conference in Dawson City in late June, DataPath Systems asked 300 Yukoners their opinions of the Kyoto agreement.  Even though this was a significant area of discussion for the premiers gathered here, a surprising 48%, nearly half of all Yukoners, said they were not aware of the agreement or knew what it was about. 


Specifically, in the survey, Yukoners were asked to put themselves in one of three categories after being asked, “At the recent Western Premiers meeting in Dawson City, they called for more public input into the Kyoto agreement.  This is an international agreement to reduce air pollutants and the green house effect which may lead to global warming”.  Across the Territory, 48% of Yukoners said they were aware of the agreement and generally supported it, 4% said they were aware of it and generally did not support it, and 48% said they were not aware of it.  Among those under the age of 35, 62% were not aware of it, this dropped to 46% for those 35-49, and to 35% for those over the age of 50. 


Among those aware of the agreement, support was extremely strong, regardless of its economic implications.  65% somewhat or completely agree that Canada should support the agreement even if it leads to higher consumer prices for manufactured goods, and 62% continue to feel Canada should support it even if it leads to higher consumer prices for oil and gasoline.  These figures were slightly higher among the younger age group and among men, but wavered only marginally across all groups.  Only 19% of Yukoners aware of the agreement felt it should only be supported only if it did not lead to higher prices.


While 26% felt this agreement might put Canada at disadvantage in the world market, 67% felt Canada should take a lead international role in supporting the agreement. 


One thing at almost all Yukoners did agree on – 88% disagreed with the statement that Canada should support this agreement only if the U.S. does.



The survey was conducted by DataPath Systems; an independent Yukon-based market research company. Telephone surveys were conducted with 150 Whitehorse residents and 150 non-Whitehorse residents between June 15 and July 3. The data is weighted to accurately represent Yukoners based on the community they live in, their age and gender. Percentages are statistically valid to +/- 5.5%, 19 times out of 20 (95% confidence). This was a non-commissioned study, paid for by DataPath Systems.