Yukoners have low awareness of key issues

In the Summer survey of Yukoners conducted by DataPath Systems, Yukoners were asked their awareness and support in several areas.  In general, awareness of these issues were relatively low.  I think the story here is not so much the issues, but the fact that nearly half of Yukoners were not aware of them.

The lowest level of awareness was for the Dempster Highway Anniversary in 2004.  Only 18% of Yukoners were aware of that event coming next year.  All of those aware supported the Celebration.  On Whitehorse issues, only 43% knew Whitehorse was a City of Peace and of those, 76% supported this recognition.  Nearly 58% knew Whitehorse had passed morality and decency policies, but only 16% of those aware of the policy supported it.

Just over half of the residents were aware the plans to build a bridge in Dawson City and the majority of those, 74% support it.  Awareness of the two leading health concerns were somewhat higher, with 61% reporting they were aware of the symptoms of West Nile and 86% reporting they were aware of the symptoms of SARS.  In both instances, Yukoners felt the Yukon government should be doing more to inform the residents.  65% felt more could be done to prevent SARS in the Yukon and 52% felt more could be done about West Nile.

The survey was conducted by DataPath Systems; an independent Yukon-based market research company. Telephone surveys were conducted with 150 Whitehorse residents and 150 non-Whitehorse residents in May and June 2003. The data is weighted to accurately represent Yukoners based on the community they live in, their age and gender. Percentages are statistically valid to +/- 5.5%, 19 times out of 20 (95% confidence). This was a non-commissioned study, paid for by DataPath Systems.