Poll Predictions Election

The recent poll conducted by DataPath Systems on the Yukon Federal election produced extremely accurate results.  That poll predicted a Liberal victory for Larry Bagnell with 43% of the vote.  Final results show the Liberal candidate with 46%.

The poll also predicted the NDP second in popular vote with 27%, and the actual results show them at 25%.  The Conservative Party was at 24% in the poll and ended with 21% of the actual vote.  Finally, the poll showed the Green Party with 4%, which was exactly what they received in actual votes.

“We are extremely happy with the precision of the poll” commented DataPath partner Donna Larsen.  “Elections are a thrill for any researcher – it is the one time to truly test how well your polls reflect the sentiments of the population. This is the third election poll that DataPath Systems has completed in the Yukon, and all three times the results were extremely close to the final outcome.”

“These results also show that Yukoners are not influenced by poll results.  The polls represent how those who have made a decision have decided to vote.  We have heard from some Yukon politicians that the only polls they pay attention to are the ones on election day, but once again, our poll results continue to support why political polling is so important across the world – when done correctly, they are accurate.”