DataPath Systems Services

 DataPath Systems is capable of handling all levels of market research needs, from data collection to data analysis, segmentation, planning and application of the information.

 By incorporating random telephone, re-contact telephone, and re-contact email/web methodologies in projects, sample sizes have been increased allowing for greater data analysis.  In addition, incorporating segmentation and predictive analysis in the research projects has increased the relevance and action ability of the data.

 DataPath Systems uses on-line data reporting that allows the clients to track the progress of their projects and even review raw data tables and data summaries during the data collection phase. 

 Because DataPath Systems is a small business the clients always deal directly with both the owners and the managers of their project at the same time.  This allows for quick decisions and quick changes to the project as needed.  We work seven days a week, day and night, to ensure that the client’s needs are met.  Our field manager, Debbie Champagne has worked for DataPath Systems for 10 years and supervises all interviewers and data collection.



Page last updated: June 17/2010